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Apps for iPad teaching

Good overview I made for training staff on some key apps for using iPads in PE teaching

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Google drive update

Couldn’t resist having a play around. If you want an online course with integrated tracking and feedback that saves on printing paper and waiting to give feedback, google drive is the answer. Students can have their own google drive account, teacher shares the task on with group. Students answer the work on google docs, then upload to google drive. Share folder with teacher, teacher marks online and feedback instantly saved for students to view. Grades updated on google drive for lead iv to track and interventions set.
Internal iv is simply done without needing to print anything out.
It’s what we have been striving for at CAB all year but never totally mastered, now we can crack it.
Edexcel commented that our approach to using digital tech was really innovative when we had our CRA in November and that was when the system was just feedback on Evernote. This takes it up several levels.

We have been trialling solutions for less paper in btec sport and quick feedback to students. Google drive could solve this.
We have feedback sheets on but it is a bit of an awkward system of downloading and editing then emailing back. It works but isn’t simple.
Google drive allows you to edit the file on the iPad and simply save the update.
This would enable students to save their work to google drive, have it marked while still online, feedback given and all of this stored for easy access wherever you are.
I guess the trial of how this might work starts next. Look out year 10 btec guinea pigs, I’m trying something new again

Using YouTube in school

Had a really good brainstorming session today thinking about how students can share their work with staff that they have created on their iPad, thought about Dropbox, posterous and finally YouTube. Why YouTube? Posterous might be just one step too soon, YouTube has a simple link from the photos app as well as iMovie to name just two. Students will have a google account that they use with their iPad, this allows them to log in to YouTube and then save work. As long as it is saved as unlisted it can then be shared easily with staff. Eventually we would want each department to have their own YouTube channel where resources can be saved and students can watch outside of lessons The attached video is a simple how to guide on how to set this up (all done on the iPad by the way)

Whatever your choice of technology it is hard to ignore that that is the direction education is swiftly moving in.
Having spent plenty of time with my 3 year old playing on my iPad and this weekend witnessing a friend of mines three your old doing the same with an iPod it is clear to see the impact these devices have on learning.
Independence, creativity, engagement, fun
Are all of these words relevant to education? And how evident they are when you see children using these devices.

My friends son was showing me how he could type his own name on the iPod keyboard, recognising where the letters were on the key pad, he was so excited by this and wanted to show me what he could do.
So the question at the moment seems to be. Do iPods/iPads help students learn?
Well maybe there is not enough evidence to say a definite yes, yet, but by simply getting students engaged and exciting to learn, surely more learning will eventually take place.

Check out this application on the App Store:

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Check out this application on the App Store:

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Socrative in school

Decided to take a leap today and use technology in order to see how twitter might get integrated into the school CPD structure.
Simply just sent the web link to all staff in school and gave them my room no.
The response was excellent as staff quickly started responding to my questions about who used twitter and would they consider using it for CPD.
The added bonus was the fact that staff had also been encouraged to use Socrative first hand and so could see how easy it was to use.

This then prompted me to look at other uses and one of our staff was starting to gather info about our forthcoming sports presentation evening (nominations etc) so again I put a simple quiz together, invited specific staff to take part. The result, information gathered much quicker than in the past and in a format that could quickly be used.


Today I set up feedback files with all my students to enable them to receive instant feedback when I have marked their work. Each student has a separate folder that can be shared with them and updated via email from my iPad as soon as I have marked the work.
Really easy to use and students no longer have an excuse for not knowing what they need to do to improve.
Students can open their own account or just view their feedback via email

Teaching PE with iPads

This last year we have been using iPads in the PE dept to impact our teaching and learning.
Small initial steps to get staff familiar with the devices was the way we started, a little guidance on some basic apps to get staff going.
Instant replay
Sports cam
These apps gave staff a chance to use the iPad for instant visual feedback, replacing our expensive but never used Dartfish system. Staff were now engaging students in a whole new way.
We use Evernote and Dropbox to track developments and access files on the go, usually in our BTEC sessions
Other apps that we’re really useful we’re coach note and coach pad, this gave students the chance to track developments in lessons and reflect on their learning.
The change has been massive and students are really benefitting from the change.

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