Whatever your choice of technology it is hard to ignore that that is the direction education is swiftly moving in.
Having spent plenty of time with my 3 year old playing on my iPad and this weekend witnessing a friend of mines three your old doing the same with an iPod it is clear to see the impact these devices have on learning.
Independence, creativity, engagement, fun
Are all of these words relevant to education? And how evident they are when you see children using these devices.

My friends son was showing me how he could type his own name on the iPod keyboard, recognising where the letters were on the key pad, he was so excited by this and wanted to show me what he could do.
So the question at the moment seems to be. Do iPods/iPads help students learn?
Well maybe there is not enough evidence to say a definite yes, yet, but by simply getting students engaged and exciting to learn, surely more learning will eventually take place.