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10 Quick And Simple Ideas For Blogging In Class

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My year in review

With just two weeks left in school I thought it would be a good idea to look back over all the things I have done this year. This has possibly been the most influential year since my NQT year and have developed myself massively.

Firstly the iPad, it went from a gadget that I bought because I had to have one, but has turned in to an essential part of my practice as a teacher. In September I pushed for all the staff in sport to get one, developed a shared purchase scheme and everyone was on board. Quick learning curve where I was fairly new to the device myself and had to train others on its use and benefits to teaching and learning. Started looking at some basic apps that could be used in BTEC sport such as Dropbox and Evernote, these helped with the structure of the course and the submission of work. Once all staff were on board with this and we’re using their iPads it was a case of continuing with the research and then sharing my findings with the staff.

Blogging. I felt that I needed a place to share what I was doing as well as track my own development at the same time, this has then become integrated with my twitter account and that has created further development. Starting with @ictevangelist I quickly built up a PLN that has helped me really develop my practice. It has helped with my iPad development but also through learning about new approaches, specifically SOLO Taxonomy. The support and advice you gain from twitter has been priceless and I am now really trying to get more staff at school engaged so they can share the benefits.

Took on a new role this year as Deputy Curriculum Leader. This gave me a great opportunity to share my thoughts with others at a leadership level and start to get noticed for what I can bring to the T & L in school. It has also given me the chance to look at current practice in sport and adapt it to meet the needs of the students, to really engage them in their learning by changing their curriculum. Through questionnaires to the students and staff I have developed a curriculum that is engaging and designed specifically for the needs if our students.

Finally all of these things have led me to look more at my own development from at a whole school level. I have started to look at how the things that I have developed in myself can be shared across the school, I have set up whole school blogs on sharing good practice and have placed myself in the school as someone who is happy to help and support (specifically with the iPad use). The impact is hopefully being seen in the number of staff that have purchased their own devices and have approached me for advice.

I’m sure that there has been more going in than this and it is all down to the support of teachers on twitter and those in house, namely Dave Bugler with the digital innovation and Claire Stewart with the T & L, and also the fantastically dedicated sport team at CAB

The following clip shows you how to use google drive to give instant feedback to students using only the iPad. This should help us in school with teaching and learning as all the feedback is stored online and is accessible wherever and whenever by both the teacher and students.
All you need is to be invited by the course leader then follow the instructions on the video.

Other uses for google drive for the btec course are for students to submit created documents or presentations (using google docs)
Tracking of student progress, in the same way as above
Internal verification of both briefs and assessment decisions.

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