This Monday saw the launch of our iPad trial at the City Academy.
30 students and parents were invited for an evening presentation and to pick up their devices.
All I can say is what a start, the idea of the trial is to iron out any potential issues a whole school approach might face as well as proving the benefit on teaching and learning.
We have teamed up with Jigsaw and they have been really supportive in the initial process of set up and ongoing support throughout the trial.
Students within the first few moments were already asking about apps to help specific areas of study, to help confidence in presenting and to allow access to school work if absent from school.
3 parents asked how they buy one at the end of the trial (which is 3 months away)
What a brilliant launch, parents and students on board from day 1.
The next steps now are to equip the students with the tools to help them learn and explore their learning further. I will meet regularly with the students and have an app of the week that we explore the use of, the idea is that further into the trial it is the students that run these sessions talking about their successes.
The second part of the trial that will start next week is to have a whole class of mine with an iPad, this will help me explore the real benefit of 1:1 deployment where I can plan for their use in all sessions, being a practical subject we often move around the building a lot and with the iPads we can still document, explore and create.
Should be a really fun term