Just a snippet from one of the students that are part of our trial.

Hey 😀 I’m guessing what I’m supposed to write here is what I’ve been using the iPad for this past week. For the first two days I just tried to set up most of the apps that were already installed and make my apple ID. I didn’t really use it on Wednesday because everyone kept staring everytime I had it out and most of the teachers said it disrupted learning or something. But I had Science, Maths and English on Thursday and I found it pretty useful. In English we were getting used to working again and Miss ______ told us all about what we’re gonna do this year and made sure we wrote what we expected of ourselves this year for English. In Maths we were revising how sequences worked and learnt simple ways to remember how to work out the Nth term. I used the iPad to take pictures of my work and notes on everything so I could go home and show my mum what I did so she set me some extra homework to do… I didn’t use the iPad in science but I would’ve taken a video of the experiment we did at the end of the lesson if I had remembered I had one… Today I had Maths first lesson and I used the iPad as a whiteboard and so did Ashleigh :] … I didnt use it for the rest of the day apart from history to take pictures of my work… So that’s pretty much all i’ve used it for this week xD , hope we get to keep them :3