I really find Evernote to be a really useful app in school for loads of reasons.

1. Simple organisation of my day to day life, keeping track of things to do, meetings and useful information to impact my practice.

2. As a research library to share with my students. By creating a shared folder and sharing it with the students in my classes I can create a whole library of reading that is subject specific for my groups, all I do is clip websites or better still create lessons using Explain Everything for them to access outside the classroom.

3. Recording students work to review later, either through making notes on their sessions, recording audio or taking pictures of learning taking place.

Evernote as a resource is so useful to help organise the running of a course, especially if you use it on a mobile device. As a sports teacher, teaching BTEC, a lot of the evidence we can use is captured in practical situations, having Evernote on my iPad means I can capture audio or pictures of the students demonstrating their learning and save it instantly. Students can do their practical sessions and then using the audio recording function they can evaluate what they have done.

The next evolution of this is getting the students with their own devices keeping track of what they are doing. As part of the trial we are currently running this has started, with a little encouragement the students are already seeing how it can help create more time for them to extend their learning in school.

Of course Evernote is just one tool in a range that I use to create learning sequences but it links so nicely with the other apps that it is a great place to store all the resources and share them around.