Only been back two weeks and the iPod/iPad deployment is going really well. Today I met with the staff I have enlisted to get the iPods up and running in sessions. The feedback is really positive. The students seem to be really engaged in the process and so do the staff. In most cases the students are using the device to explore learning opportunities further. Though there are some moments where they may access a game, this is in large a minority and is quickly stopped regaining a focus on learning.
We are currently trialling 40 iPads, 60 iPods and various classrooms with Apple TV. If success was judged by the excitement around learning it would be a huge success already.

In order to progress the trial I felt it was really important to have face to face time with staff in order to help and advice. I have now set up a break time session where staff can drop in and share ideas or issues. Hopefully this will keep spreading the good work.