With the growth of digital technology it is now even easier to share work spaces, files and information and then be able to access it from multiple devices, wherever you are.

In sport we use this method to manage our BTEC course. All of the feedback, monitoring sheets, internal verification and assessment sheets are held in a department account on google drive. Each member of the department has their own personal space and this BTEC file is shared with everyone via an email link.

We also use similar systems to share our timetables, duty rota, curriculum plans and resources for teaching. The benefit if this is that it is really quick and easy to access and from any Internet enabled device, so you can find an important bit of information whilst being away from your computer. The sharing of resources is really helpful and with the ability to edit documents these resources are kept up to date all the time.

It helps to create a sharing community where ideas and processes are developed collaboratively.

Ideas for your curriculum area

Create a curriculum account using Dropbox, box.net or google drive. Get each member of your team to create an account with the same provider. Store your files you want to share in the curriculum folder and invite the team to view the file. This could soon develop to sharing resources or course management.

Ideas for school focus groups, lead teachers, dcl’s or cl’s

One member create a file and everyone gets invited to join it. People can place their documents, ideas etc in the file and all can see it. Good sharing tool.