I use awesome note on my iPad to replicate my old paper planner. It is where I make notes on what I will be teaching each lesson, links to resources I will use, messages I need to give to my students etc.

I have the complete control over how all my folders look and how they are organised, I basically it is awesome (well named)

What I have started to do now though has made it even more awesome.

You can sync your folders to either Evernote or google drive. This acts as a good back up option but it goes much further than that.

Once I have synced it to Evernote I then share the entire folder with all my lesson notes directly with the students in the class. They all have Evernote accounts so they can see exactly what was taught on any given day. They get the links to resources, the overview, the home works and any important info I needed to share with them.


Students that might miss lessons for whatever reason can now see exactly what work they have missed, if students want to go over their prior learning they have a complete overview of what they have done.

It has not created any more work for me (short of pushing a sync button occasionally). But it has provided more info to the students to aid in their development.