I have blogged about this before but since presenting I have had a few more questions about how it works.
The process is really easy.
Set up a master folder containing all the folders you want for your course.
A feedback file.
This needs to contain a folder per class group you are teaching. Within that a folder for each student in that group (i just made about 20 that could then be renamed when you knew the students in each group). Within that a feedback pro forma that meets the needs of your course, (I designed mine to meet verification process if the BTEC course). This needs copying for however many units you deliver
A progress file.
This is set up in a similar way but due to verification needs and a need to check everyone across the year it was not needed as class groups but just years that were studying the course.
That folder just contained an overall progress sheet and a module progress sheet for each module they study.
And that’s it.
Share it with all your staff via email.
Each member of staff personalised their own groups and emails their students to share their own file.
Students can now see your feedback as you give it, all staff can see this to help all students. Even the btec lead iv can see it to check marking is consistent and accurate.

It does require all students using it to have gmail accounts and I find it easier to manage the system having google drive installed on my computer to copy folders and files etc

I am happy to share a blank copy of this for people to use as they wish if it saves you time, just drop me a note on twitter.