Started this year really trying to focus on how as sports teachers we can assist the schools need to improve literacy in our students.
I have always felt that our students love my subject but do we use that love to really help develop their whole educational experience.
Now I am no literacy expert, that’s fairly obvious but I did have a few ideas to just engage students in literacy in sport.
1. Blogging, not just for the sake of it but to also get students to think about what they were doing in their lessons. I targeted the year 7 as they come in like a blank canvas and are keen to learn and try things. Each year 7 teacher set up a blog on posterous and shared a space with their students. The students were asked to make a post each week looking at what they had learnt and what they needed to do to improve. This is proving to be really successful, it gets students reflecting on their learning, gives an opportunity to do some writing that gets seen by others and informs the teachers planning as they can see what is being understood. One teacher has changed the process (for the better) by posting a review of the session that the students need to comment on, stating what they learnt and a target. This has made it easier to track.
2. Creating podcasts in BTEC Sport, students were asked to make podcasts about types of training, but first they had to write out their scripts and practice their reading with each other, again simple ideas but gets the students focusing on their literacy on a topic they enjoy doing. The results were excellent as well with some low achieving students really excelling.

This focus is hopefully just the start of things, I hope to do something about engaging parents with low literacy levels. A way of sharing students progress using technology that can be spoken rather than written, but these ate early thoughts and as its half term, I have time to develop them