Started to look at how I can help literacy in school and was contacted by a fellow tweacher @davidfawcett27 who was looking at a similar idea
Anyway after a couple of chats he launched a collaborative project which we will no doubt report on later
One thing that came out of this initial conversation was an idea I had for using Augmented reality to help students, the idea came from a conversation I had with a member of our community team at school, how could we help engage our extreme EAL students around school?
I initially thought about doing something digital, possibly giving oral feedback on student work so the parents could listen if they too could not read English.
The idea I had for the classroom was a lot simpler though and quick to get going.

Our school has sets of iPods that can be used by any groups in school. Using these devices the idea is;
Get each subject to create a poster containing key words needed for that subject or key phrases
Take these posters to the community team and get them to translate them into the languages out students use.
Take pictures of the translated poster
Use Aurasma app to create auras that all students can use on the iPods
Now students can hold the device over the English key words and see the translation on their device.
Hopefully it gives them a point of access to some of the language that is being used around them.