Been looking at how we can help support and develop literacy from a PE perspective. This is a joint project involving lots of really great practitioners and headed up by @davidfawcett27.
One of my ideas was to create an ebook that contained all the keywords from our BTEC sport course. The idea is that this would be downloaded by all of the students and would be support for their work and a place to check understanding.
I have started to collate the keywords into the book and wanted to bring it to life with some more audio visual representation of the keywords.
I have found some great videos that show the keywords in action and I have recorded my own explanation of the keywords.
I feel that what would really bring this to life however is to use the practical work of the students on the course. In this way the book serves multi purposes.
Students have a place to present their work in a way that it is not only seen but used.
It makes the book evolve over time as videos and audio clips can simply be change.
It gives a tool to engage and extend G&T students
One Issue that I have found is that due to the size of the book it is difficult to share so it would need to be broken down into chapters.
Lots of potential here though and could prove to be a great project to work on with the students