I eventually got into using Edmodo after being introduced to it by @syded06 and then shown it in more detail by @jamiegodzy.
Basically it is like Facebook for your classroom, don’t let that put you off though as it is designed to look that way to help engage students. It’s use however are so much greater than just social networking.

1. Class use.
I have set up groups with all of my teaching groups, I teach both BTEC Sport level 2 and 3 and KS3 PE.
BTEC groups, these classes use Edmodo in lots of ways, I can share resources directly with the students and direct them to look at it before sessions. This helps as they come prepared with thoughts, ideas and discussion points to help engagement in the lesson. We can also post comments on our class wall (in Edmodo) and further engage in learning outside of the classroom. This is what actually got me interested in Edmodo in the first place, the ability for students to check understanding outside the classroom saves so much time and maintains that engagement in the subject.
Finally we set assignments from within Edmodo which sets a calendar event for students, this helps so much, especially if you teach multiple groups and have lots of deadlines, it is also a good reminder for students as they have notification saying something is due. Once it needs to be handed in they do this via Edmodo so all of their work is collated in one place, you can see what is outstanding and can award grades and feedback all in one place (we do still use google drive however as it meets the SV process from BTEC)

In this class I use it slightly differently, the group have access to video tutorials that I think will help them with skills that we are looking at or even just a video that gets them interested in the sport. It is also really useful if you are teaching sports they may not have seen before, put clips of games on so they can see the big picture or even rules involved. I also use it to gauge how students are getting on in sessions, this is just a simple post about what we did and students respond letting me know their level of understanding. This is really useful and so simple.

2. As department CPD and communication.
The department now has an Edmodo group that allows us to share resources and communicate about things that are happening on the department, fixtures, clubs etc. we can put videos or task sheets in the library and share them or even just post about a good session, also good if staff are out as you can send any messages that might need to be passed on to students  I have now set up a staff group for the whole school and called it CAB teachmeet.  i have asked staff to join and to share ideas and resources with each other.  it is in its early stages but could prove to be huge.

3. Team groups
How often do you find yourself running around trying to find players for a match, let them know a change of date or change of venue, set up a group and invite the team in and this is simple, (you can even enhance it by linking it to coach pad recordings of formations and tactics).  This is going to be set up with my basketball team, it will hopefully give them some responsibility for organising themselves as well as a place for the team to keep in contact with each other.  I can put fixtures, results and pictures on there so they have something to show for their efforts.

4. Work experience booklets
Spoke to a member of staff this morning who is looking at post 16 work experience. She has started using it there got students to post about their experience, using it as a log book rather than filling in and losing their booklets they are given. It also enables day to day monitoring by staff.

5. For target groups
I am currently running an iPad trial in school with 40 students to see the potential of having a 1:1 programme, I have a group set up on Edmodo that enables me to contact the group and encourage the group to chat to each other about what issues or successes they are having. If you have groups that you want to target for any reasons it is a really powerful tool. This has now been developed and will be launched to our G&T students in the New Year, the idea is to create a group that all the G&T students can join and share experiences with each other, it provides the staff with a portal to contact them all and discuss needs etc and to store resources that could be of use to students to help them extend their learning.  For example in sport we will be creating some guides that students can use to help extend their own work.  Information will be provided on video analysis, coaching and umpiring.

There are just a few uses and I’m sure there are loads more and different ways to use it. It really is a powerful tool and best of all it is personalised to your groups.