The more I look in to getting iPads deployed in school the more I am looking into why we should do it.
It goes so much deeper than the idea of having a device that gives better access to things, it is a way to look at the whole curriculum and the very core of why we do what we do.

I recently watched a video on YouTube where a young man talks about education and being educated.
Basically he is discussing the merits of education and the difference to being educated. Now I have often held the belief that it should not be all about the grades, that school should be about developing minds to be creative, adaptive and developmental.

I felt this when I was in uni, studying about how students in universities in the not so distant past were the game changers, the thinkers. I thought as I say there learning about this mass movement to make a difference that I had better remember all this to write it in an exam so I could pass my course. Oh the irony. There I was learning about students making a difference so I could get the right answer in an exam and pass a course.

If I go in to a store to ask for help, do I want a yes or a no? Or do I want someone to hear my issue and be able to think about what they could do to help? How frustrating is it when you call a call centre only to be spoken to by someone reading from a script rather than being able to actually think for themselves? Are we just creating students that do this as we just teach them how to answer a question and not how to think for themselves.

So the iPad, where does it fit in to this mini rant? It has provided me with a tool to develop, to expand my own practice and to break a mould of what I used to be like as a teacher. I can find out things for myself, I can learn new things in my own time and I can be creative in the way I approach things. If this has changed my way of thinking, what might it do to education?
Could students be given the chance to develop ideas, to express themselves, to take the things we teach them and have the chance to apply them in a way that engages them in the process. Rather than just write it in an exercise book and hope it gets marked right. Imagine the power to take what you have learnt in a subject and mix it with a passion you may have in a different area.
For example, a student that loves music and making songs, learn something about a novel in English, take that and make a song and video on their ipad. Not a conventional lesson as it is not the normal approach, but would that student not remember what they had done, and seen how it effected their life?
I saw an example of this from @kennypieper
A students homework. It blew me away. Would it have done had it been written?

Now I’m not suggesting that this is an easy process but by making small steps and having these possibilities then school really can become a place that broadens horizons. As a dad myself I worry that if my son can not remember things well or is not academic then he will be considered a failure in school, by the school system. He is however so creative and imaginative, if he was allowed to demonstrate his knowledge in a different way, maybe he would be seen as a success. Though he always will be by me. As are so many students I teach that are ‘failing’ but are so creative with their knowledge. I would live to think that all students have the chance to show their knowledge in their own way. I really think that iPads go some way to allowing this possibility, can education adapt to it?