Saw @ictevangelist presentation from tmlondon recently looking at augmented reality and how it can be used in the classroom, I have used this idea recently so thought I would write it up.

Worked with a group of students looking at a response to Lance Armstrong’s drug issues. They were tasked with the job of creating a news briefing from the point of view of a National Governing Body in sport. They had to think about what their point of view would be if it was there sport that was affected by the scandal.
To enhance the work they did they used augmented reality to bring their writing to life. We discussed impact if the spoken word alongside the written word (I linked it to Harry Potter and the newspapers with moving images)
The students were really engaged in the task, more so than if it was just a written piece of work, and they were very proud of their results.
This is a great example of enhancing work using devices, not simply replacing one tool with another for the same result. It tied in massively with the work I have been doing on literacy in PE. The students had to draft their work, then make a final copy. They had to talk in the right tense for the purpose of a news briefing. They then had to read it to record their voice for the Aurasma. When finished they had a very basic piece if work that when viewed with a device became a spoken piece of text.