As a follow up to @davidfawcett27 excellent post on literacy ideas I thought I would expand on the idea I presented at tmbrock on students blogging to reflect on their learning and impact on their literacy.
The idea was to have the teacher post a synopsis of the lesson and then students were to write a reelection on what they had learnt and what they needed to do to improve.
Though this engaged the students and got them writing, did it actually have an impact on their literacy? Not really.
In reaction to this thought I met up with one of our English teachers for some guidance, the outcome was to have a focus per module that the students should think about when writing, just simple things but things that our students needed to focus on.
To encourage reflective writing all students will have access to either Edmodo or Posterous and will review their learning after each session. This is aimed at getting students to write about what they have done and look at targets to improve. The impact on literacy comes through the extra practice at writing and enhanced through modular focuses looking at writing structure.

Module 1: capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names of people and places

Module 2: full stops at the end of every sentence

Module 3: apostrophes used for a) contractions (e.g. do not – don’t) and b) possession (e.g. the student’s kit/the students kits’)

Module 4: commas used for a) listing things and b) after a subordinate clause (e.g. When the ball was passed to me, I ran as quickly as I could.)

Module 5: using all of the above consistently.A board is in place where articles about sport will be displayed, this is to encourage reading around relevant and current issues and develop skills required in understanding different text.

This is now going to be launched to the students with the focus being reflected on over the whole module.