Having finished the initial trial with a group of students it is clear of the power that the iPad will have on all aspects of the teaching and learning experience.
One key thing that came out of the feedback and observations however is the need for staff training on the use of the devices.
Where staff had actively engaged in the opportunities offered for CPD via twitter, the school blog or the informal meetings, they have seen the greatest use of having the devices in the classroom. Where issues arose it was in the classrooms of the less confident or sceptical teachers (which is perfectly understandable)
So to counter these issues training will need to be provided based on stages of progression to get staff familiar with the device and some core apps that will make a difference.

Explain Everything
This app has so many uses in the classroom, it is an interactive whiteboard to present with, it is a recording tool, an analyser, an annotator a place for group work to happen.
Staff will need to know the basics about how to use the app and then have a chance to discuss its use in their classroom, the key being to enhance what is currently being done.
For instance
Where staff use the whiteboard for mind mapping activities and stimulating class discussion, this can be recorded on explain everything, stored as a movie and exported to students to be reviewed at a later time. This is essential for revision, not just of notes made in lesson but of the discussions that took place that are probably more in depth.

Not necessarily an iPad app as it is a web tool that can be used on various platforms, however if we move to a 1:1 system it will prove to be an invaluable tool in the classroom for a variety of purposes.
It is a communication tool, where I have been using it at present it has completely changed how students interact with myself and other students, we now have the opportunity to expand our classroom beyond timetabled lessons, I can set productive homework based on upcoming lessons and students can help each other out with questions about work. It helps develop a sense of community in the group.

A very simple to use app that staff can use to create video of elements in their sessions. It has many uses depending on what you want. Film part of a practical you are doing and add descriptions of what is happening. Add to YouTube for students to review. Film students at work over a period of weeks to show progression. Get students to make learning diaries where they talk about what they have learnt that week (think big brother diary room)
You can even use it to film students working as evidence towards vocational courses.

These are just a start point and more specific apps may be needed by some departments such as;

Coach’s eye in practical subjects (drama, PE, science, music, DT, catering).

Voicethread, audioboo, fotobabble for developing oral literacy.

Puppet pals, comic life for creative display of learning (MFL, humanities)

These apps are in keeping with the vision of create, collaborate, communicate.