In an attempt to try to drive the use of technology across school and to also impact literacy I decided to look at some of the things that were having an impact on my teaching and how they may help students.
One thing that I was really keen to get going was students blogging. This way they were being reflective and were using and developing their literacy skills.
We already had in place a sports council that was being led by @pearcy23 and this was having a good impact but one issue was that we were not getting the message out to the rest of the school. The sports council had a lot of good ideas, but no voice.
After doing some work on blogging within PE lessons I thought that combining these would be a useful tool and also lead to further developments.
We took the sports council and decided that they would be our first school news blog team. The initial idea was to give them a topic and get them to go away and write a report on it. The first results were really impressive, the students seemed to really enjoy the work and they were getting over 200 views per post.
Clearly this was something that was having an impact.
They now have specific things to report on from things going on in school, to media, film and games. They were also recently asked to interview students about their subjects to help our current year 8&9 students with their option choices.
It will soon become a really simple way to spread news about what students are doing in school and develop an interest in writing.
Really impressed with their work.