So snow days are usually about playing in the snow but this time I actually managed to be productive and get something done i had been planning to do for a while.
I have found Edmodo really useful in my practice, not just with classes but also as a way of communicating with other staff.
I wanted to put together a simple guide to help staff if they decide to go down the same route. I decided to use Book Creator as it is a really simple but effective ebook creator.
The book simply outlines how to get up and running with Edmodo, I have included some video guides just going through the steps and some links to Edmodo help pages for further reading.
Hopefully this can get people up and running and finding out their own uses for the excellent programme.
If you want to get a copy just send me a message with your email and I can share via Dropbox
Please note to open the file from Dropbox click on the icon in the top right and select open in