Today saw the start of a new project I have been thinking of starting for a while. I wanted to transform how students present their work for the Injury module in BTEC sport.
After spending a lot if time thinking about why we do the things we do for assignments, I felt we really needed to create something that has a real purpose.
We discussed the need for information on injury, who would need it? Where might it be needed? In what form would it be useful?
It seemed obvious that we would need to create something that contained lots of information but could be portable. An app seemed like the right tool.
Today we spent time to look at how you can create your own app, we used ibuildapp.com. I have played with this a little beforehand so felt confident in teaching it to the students.
After going over the basics with them I set them off to be creative, they had the knowledge from previous sessions, now they just had to think about how to present it.
The lesson was really successful, lots of engagement, the students really responded to learning new skills that they could use out of school and they seemed really proud of the initial outcome.
This is only the start, the whole module will be presented in this way, each section will be recorded or written within the app to create a useful tool for health and safety in sport