Numeracy in PE
Ideas to help the maths department in PE and through
Use of apps to impact on this,
Dartfish tag,
Coachnote, good for drawing out activities to then explore space, angles etc
Numbers (google docs) data collection and comparison.
Analysis apps (Ubersense, Coaches eye, Dartfish express).
Fitness specific apps, bleep test, fitness pro. (Both good for data collection)

Team games

Shot, pass accuracy, (percentages). Students can look at what they are doing in games, if rotating teams get the team that is off to keep track of shots, passes, tackles etc. as part of a homework project they could then do a statistical analysis of the teams performance. They could then use this as a measure to improve on in future sessions. In basketball look at angles of body position in shooting. Using analysis app to look at the angles, is there a perfect angle, how might we compare. Can also look at angle of release when shooting.

Racquet games,

angles, speed, distance, multiplication, scoring. Ubersense Again using analysis apps you can look at speed by breaking down the frames. Burst mode is a good app for this. Lots of angles work can be done in racquet sports, ideal angles to play shots. Possibility to look at Pythagoras and trigonometry! Points scoring. Create games that have different scoring systems. Look at algebra, points scored on serve are x, points scored with volley are y, points scored from baseline are z. Keep a tally and then work out score if x=3 y=4 z=5.


Distance, timing, compare, data, really easy to look at data collection, comparison etc. use of spreadsheet to record personal data and look at personal bests. Measurement if field events looking at distance, conversions to different measurements, i.e. meters, yards, centimetres, inches etc. looks at multiplication. Look at elite times, work out percentage difference between students and elite athletes.

Striking and fielding

Scoring, space, angles, distance, Similar ideas to those already mentioned, can do lots of data collection that then leads to percentages, also a good way to look at algebra in a similar method to the racquets idea above. Fitness How much weight is lifted over a period of time? In comparison how long would it take to lift equivalent of ……..?


Maps, orienteering, QR codes, distance, time, space.

Within maths how can sport help?
Lends itself to lots of project based studies that involve sports at the heart.
Would be engaging for sporty children as it is based around their interest.

How far does a cyclist travel in the Tour de France? What’s the rate of decent? Average speed? Rotations of the wheel? calories burnt? How many hours does it take to become an elite athlete, hours per day, per month etc

Distance covered in a career for Usain Bolt? Angle of javelin release? High jump, how high do they jump compared to height? Angle of jump in relation to bar, ideal angle, does it change per height of athlete?