Started up a lunch time club today to specifically look at numeracy through sport. I have been really thinking about how I can make an impact on this as it is an area in our school that needs attention. The maths dept do a fantastic job in delivering the curriculum but teachers of all subjects can really help with the application.
Over the last month or so I have tried to create some numeracy in PE resources to help this and have tried things in my lessons with good results (not saying I have taught them anything new about maths but hopefully given them an opportunity to see the relevance).
On the back of a quite successful session with my BTEC students teaching layups in basketball but also using percentages to get them to track their progress, I decided to branch out a little and set up a club to enable me to impact on students that I don’t teach.
This Friday saw the launch of my numeracy in PE club, small beginnings but all part of the marginal gains that might help on the long run. Only a handful of students showed up and the session was all about free throws on basketball. They were given the challenge which was to get as many shots in out of 10 attempts. Once complete they had to work out their percentage (I must admit that though this sounds easy it was not a simple task for some). Once the initial round was over they were told they could try again but in order to get a score on the leader board they needed to work out their average, again, not a straight forward task for some.

This will be continued for a few weeks to really embed the numeracy so they can simply work them out, obviously they should improve their free throws as well (and me too!)
Obviously the more attempts they take the working out changes too.
The general feeling in the group was really good, they were happy to try working out the maths and we spent some time discussing why it was important in basketball to know percentages. That coaches would select players based on stats and players used stats to set targets to improve. Hopefully the awareness of the importance of numeracy will build from this

The idea is to build the number of students up that are attending and to change the challenges but keep sport as the central theme, possibly changing sports to attract different students.