Last year I decided to apply to become an Apple Distinguished Educator.  I felt that there was so much that could be done with devices in education and wanted to see how I could develop it further.

The process involved writing about what I had done in my own practice and how I had helped to develop others use of iPads and iPods in their classrooms.  It also involved creating a video that highlighted these things.  It was great just to do the application as it really highlighted what I had done behind the scenes, things that a lot of people are probably not aware of.  Here is a link to my video.

Last week I received an email from Apple saying that I was successful.  They selected 250 people from Asia, The Middle East and Europe so it was a great honour to be part of this.  I now travel to Ireland in the Summer to meet the other ADE’s and take part in a training and orientation session.

I now have access to a whole wealth of knowledge and great practice from ADE’s around the world and will be producing my own and collaborative work about how mobile devices can really be used to develop teaching and learning.

More information on the programme can be found by following the link below.