Over the last few weeks of Y11 on my BTEC course I have been trying to think of every way possible to get them to really achieve their full potential.  They are on target to get their grades but want them to push themselves to see if they are capable of more (which I believe they all are)

My way of tracking progress is through a google spreadsheet, it helps keep track of grades and works out points and final grades for me automatically.  it also works well for the students as it is colour coded so at a glance they can see where they are in the course.

What occurred to me in one of my sessions was that you could see those that were doing well so why not put them in rank order, this way i could quickly see who needed intervention and prescribe it to them.  this was not meant to be shown to the students in this way but one student saw the list and commented on how it looked like a league table.  The conversation developed and he seemed really enthused to see what he could do to move up a place.  he then went off, did the work, got it checked by a peer and resubmitted to get a better grade.

I then thought to share it with the group.  It worked, we talked about it being the premier league table complete with Champions League spots, Europa League and the dreaded relegation zone.  It was all done a bit tongue in cheek so as not to alienate anyone but in fact those lower down really showed a more conscious effort to make changes and those at the top wanted to keep their position.

It has resulted in a massive surge in work getting finished and a focus on peer assessing before it gets to me so they do not waste an opportunity to move up the league.

I don’t think it would work for all students but with a sports group it hit the mark.Image