So, I have had a bit of time recently, left alone with my thoughts, to think about what I have done over the last couple of years.  To say I am a reflective person is an understatement, at times it is great, but can cause me to over analyse things.

Hopefully this reflection will be constructive and lead to a real transformation in my teaching.

In my drive to better myself and develop skills in areas that I need to improve I have taken a huge interest in Teaching and Learning.  Using twitter, blogs, attending and presenting at teachmeets and generally reading more than I have ever done before.

It has occurred to me that my passion for digital technology and teaching and learning are not always joined up enough and they need to be in order to really change what happens in schools.

So to start with the iPads and iPods, I think by now it is clear to most that these devices can have an impact in the classroom and in many ways.  Mark Anderson (@ictevangelist) opened my eyes to the fact that it is not about just changing how we do things but to really impact on what we do.  (See his posts on SAMR). What I want to look into now is how the whole concept of school can be changed to allow students to learn in their own way, to extend their study how they see fit and to become true independant learners.

This is where I think digital tech and new pedagogies really come in.  iTunes U, iBooks  and Edmodo are just some tools that can really help to redefine how we approach the teaching and learning progress.  I am already seeing huge developments in increased distance learning opportunities but the real impact will be when students are creating content that can then be used to help teach others.  In this way they can see the relevance of what they are learning and see the benefit it brings to others.

I would like to think that in the same way that I have self taught about digital tech, the same approach can be used with students.  Not just a syllabus that needs to be recalled in exams or regurgitated in coursework but a real opportunity to create something with long lasting impact.

How this can be facilitated will be where I will focus my ongoing efforts.  Looking at curriculums, project based learning, digital technology etc and how it can be used to create a different approach to learning.  Students that have timetabled lessons for face to face interaction, to share ideas and what they have learnt, to develop ideas and test out theories.  All the learning having taken place away from the classroom.  Digital tech is pivotal to this, to help with the communication and collaboration so that progress is constant and monitored.

I feel my PLN are going to have me asking them a lot of questions over the summer as I try to make more sense of this, but I know that as always, they will be there to help.