Last night I was asked to present at my local schools internal inset on my journey with iPads. At Chepstow School in Monmouthshire they have been embarking this year on a project to determine the impact devices would have on teaching and learning.  Led by Jamie Goddard (@jamiegodzy) they have had staff bid for use of a class set of iPads with an Action research focus to look at things such as flipped learning to the impact on SEN.

First of all, I have to say I was completely taken aback by the level of engagement from the staff team and how much they had done in such a small space of time.  The projects were thorough and were showing some excellent results and were clearly well thought out to meet the needs of the schools specific learners.  this was not an example of copying what was happening in other school but a well thought out strategic approach to ensuring the iPads had maximum impact.

I presented on my own journey, how I had taken my own iPad and looked to embed it in my practice to engage learners, inspire students and staff and to create more dynamic ways for students to engage in their learning.  Not from a specific subject point of view but as a way any department can evolve their practice to not just teach a syllabus but to make it relevant and inspiring to learners.

The overall feeling from the evening was that these tools (and that is all they are) are really shaping 21st Century practice.  Learners are provided with an opportunity to base their learning around their own skills and to embrace new ways to do things, with a confidence that is both new and exciting.

It has always been my belief that the world we live in moves at such a pace that we as educators need to be not only one step ahead but to also create opportunities for students to be adaptive learners.  To continually strive to do things in new ways.  In this way they will be able to easily adapt to the ever changing world that they go into from school and will be best placed to face these challenges.

Chepstow is really striving to achieve this and I am honoured and excited to be a part of their journey (if only from the outside)  To find out more contact @jamiegodzy or @chepstowhead on twitter.