So it has been an interesting year this year.  Lots of highs (TMClevedon, TMBrum, TMBrock, Getting ADE status) and some challenges (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger)  All in all it has seen the biggest change in my professional practice since my NQT year.

On reflection I have set myself new challenges for the next academic year.  To make my Curriculum area outstanding.  Not just from an Ofsted point of view, but in every way we can.  To help the team develop to become real beacons of excellence in school and outside of school.

Not an easy challenge granted, but need to aim high.

The issue is to work out how to do it.

Ensure Teaching is the best it can be in every lesson.  Is an Outstanding Ofsted lesson possible every lesson?  It should be. the plan is as a department to really analyse what we do that makes us outstanding, to really know what it looks, sounds and feels like and then to find the basic ingredients that make it that way.  As a team, discussing this will bring out all of the great things that we do everyday and then embed it into everyday practice.  Developing learning walks to see outstanding elements, to celebrate the successes we have and to continue the sharing of outstanding practice.  Where areas are found that need developing we look at our combined strengths to help combat it.  Peer mentoring, coaching etc will be used to intervene and develop staff to see their full potential.

Share that good practice outside of the department.  In reflecting on what we do as teachers in detail, we can see that teaching is teaching, regardless of subject.  if we are demonstrating outstanding lessons daily and we know what the nuts and bolts of this are then surely it can be transferred across the school.  So can we then be seen as outstanding in our leadership in the school?  Developing peer mentoring across curriculum areas, the sharing of simple ideas etc.

Develop meeting time to be productive and purposeful.  At times meetings can become a moaning space or a time to give out notices.  i want to develop these into really looking at developing new ideas, to engage in quality discussion that results in impact points to develop the department and students learning.  I have seen the power of really bringing together a diverse team to discuss a new pedagogy and adapt it to the needs of our students.  In doing this we should have real impact  on the curriculum we deliver and student experiences.

So with the help of all the great people on twitter and the great ideas that are spread around I will be sharing and moulding an already great department to one that hopefully continually evolves and is adapting to new ideas. The digital transformation has shown what is possible and will continue to develop but we will also be looking at our impact on Literacy, Numeracy, EAL, FSM and how we can impact whole school.  If we can do that and work in that way, then hopefully our students will too.