Today I had the great pleasure to spend the day shadowing the Co Head of Meadowside primary school.

The idea was for me to gain experience of how SLT operate in a different school.  It really was a fantastic experience which I learnt a lot from.

Firstly celebrating success.  As a school success in all areas was celebrated on a weekly occurrence.  Everything from being noticed for positive behaviours in school to birthdays that week.  you could see straight away the impact it had on the students just from the way they walked up to the front.  the assembly itself was being run by Y6 pupils and they were doing a fantastic job too  It got me thinking about how to integrate a similar idea into secondary schools.  If it has such an impact can it not be easily replicated?  I’m sure lots of schools do this, but with so many students in the school, how can you ensure all are covered?

Next was an opportunity to sit in with the two Co Heads and discuss student progress.  Obviously I am not going to share details but the way things were done definitely got me thinking about structures i could adopt in order to replicate the same outcomes.  regular meetings about progress of different years with the teachers that teach them.  Really giving staff the opportunity to drill down into the data to see what students needed intervention and which were making better than expected.  This way staff would have a really secure knowledge of their groups and where they were going.  I will definitely be implementing this next year.

Finally the opportunity for parents and students to respond back on their reports.  A separate sheet that invites comments on their thoughts, feelings and targets based on the report written by the class teacher.  This was a great opportunity to really engage the parents into the life of the school and to engage in their students progress, raising concerns or way that they could further help students.

The process worked both ways too and I was able to inject some ideas on things that could help Meadowside.  Spelling Bee competitions to help with the SPAG tests that they were doing in school.  Blogging on sports fixtures for the boys that enjoyed football but were reluctant to read and write.  I also had the opportunity to discuss ICT and PE with their coordinator and hopefully some further collaboration can come from that.

In conclusion I learnt a great deal from them and urge others to engage in doing the same to really see where the students are coming from and the experiences they have.  It has certainly opened my eyes to Leadership strategies and transition opportunities