Day 3

This day started with the excellent presentation from Duarte,  by Nancy Duarte herself and Josiah the Senior Accounts Manager.  Between them they talked us through the power of presenting.

The presentation was titled Resonating through contrast.  The message i received was that in order to reach people in a way to make a change you need to find a common message, to make them see where you are coming from and how what you are saying will change them.  If you can identify their passion, you will resonate with them.

It was all about creating a story and making links to great stories told in film and how we as educators fit into that model.  We as teachers are not the hero of any story but the sidekick.  The hero is the learner.  An example given was from Star Wars, the students are Luke and the teacher is Yoda.

When creating presentations or delivering information you need to construct it as a story.  to fully understand this I highly recommend her book.  Particular attention should be given to her study of great speeches that have been made and the model that she has created as a result.

Next up Josiah took us through the visuals.  great simple ideas about how to make presentations look great.  Use of white space, taking the noise out of a visual.  What is the thing you want to draw attention to and what is a distraction?  Clear unified style consisting of colour scheme and fonts.  An easy way to check this is the glance test.  Look at something for a few seconds and then say what you were drawn to.  If it wasn’t the main thing, then it needs to change.  He also spoke of the flow of things.  Where are you drawn on the page?  Are you drawn to the right thing?  Such great ideas learnt here about the visual presentation that will have a huge impact on my work.

Next up was a session on using iBooks Author.

Having made a couple of these I went for the advanced session to get some extra tips.  Some great ideas in here thinking about the Duarte presentation and making books accessible to all.  We learnt all about making sure the books flowed well and looked good.  We also looked at using widgets in the books to make them truly interactive and how using iAd producer you can create your own widgets too.

We then had a chance to meet with our PLN and discuss things we had been working on.  using a great structure we spoke about a project, then there was clarification time, then each person answered three prompts

I really liked….

I wonder if….

A good next step would be…..

this was a great tool for developing ideas and getting quality feedback.

That evening I had the great opportunity to take part in a 1 in 3 series of presentations to the Institute.  1 idea given in just 3 minutes.  I presented on some of the work I was doing on Numeracy in Sport and the lunchtime club I had set up.  This was a great experience presenting in front of not only fantastic educators but also Apple themselves.  It was a very nervous affair but received some great support and positive feedback so thanks to all.


Here is the presentation I gave

Overall a great day again and really starting to feel like I do make a difference doing what I do.