Day 4

So the week was already moving at a fast pace, today was a great day for really working with my PLN and others to really develop my skills. We looked at iTunes U today and seeing as I have barely looked at it I chose the basics session.  just as well really as they covered the things that I really needed to look at.  iTunes U for those that don’t know is a course creation tool for making courses to be accessed on iOS devices.  it is a way to combine resources and lead learning either directly through session led courses or at self paced level.  This is a fantastic way to structure content and I can personally see the benefits for teaching students with accessibility needs such as EAL as they have options for making notes on everything from text to videos.  All of this then gets synced to their notes section and makes for a great revision tool.

More time followed with a chance to sit with PLN to develop practice.  First a huge thank you to @ICTEvangelist for showing me the basics of Final Cut Pro, this is going to be useful in some of the work I do this year.  These were the moments that really made an impact this week.  The chance to share our best practice and ask questions to a room full of experts.  Simple things like using an app and having others want to know a little more about it and how it works.

The afternoon sessions were again small workshop style sessions that we could opt for.

The first session for me was the Lennon Bus ( @lennonbus) OMG, this was a great experience and you really need to have a look at the work that they are doing.  It is a fully equipped recording studio that tours around Europe to work with students of all ages.

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This group of amazing people run this as a charity and work with students to really develop their skills in creativity.  A lot of the time they are working with students that have no experience at all but they leave with a professional product at the end.

These are some examples of the work that they do.  They really are inspirational.  Hopefully they will be coming to visit my students as I have put in an early request with them.

Next I did a session on Keynote led by Josiah from Duarte.  This session absolutely blew my mind.  The tips and tricks they shared here were unbelievable.  Real magicians on the stage making simple things look amazing.  I desperately tried to keep up with everything they were doing but definitely had to rely on my notes and those of others to develop my skills.  They were showing us how to use the built-in tools to create amazing keynotes that can be used in interactive books.

The last session was improv games.  This was led again by the excellent Rebecca Stockley.  This was a great opportunity to see some more games that could be used with students or staff to build collaboration and trust.

We started in a circle and were instructed, without talking, to form a square, then a triangle.  This was quite an interesting tool and really got everyone thinking about everyone else in the group.  Next we were asked to try to make an equilateral triangle with 2 others but were not allowed to let them know we were using them.  Each person in the room (nearly 30) all had chosen 2 others and had to form a triangle too.  As we moved around we were affecting others triangles and so it continued.  We never actually formed a still shape but it got extremely funny at times.  Next we had to create a human machine.  one person would start with an action and others would join in with an action that was a reaction to the one we were next to.  We also had to add in a sound to go with the noise.  As it grew the person that started had to slow down and so you could hear as the collaboration was happening.  Again a great game to build collaboration into a group.  These games were great fun and we looked at how they might be used in subjects as games to break away from the norm and get groups working together.  We also did some more work with Rebecca that she called recess games.  We were doing some work as a PLN and she asked us if we wanted to try some things.  Glad we said yes.  We played a couple of great games.  First up the Bunny Bunny game, a great game for building trust, then a game where you go to the middle of the circle and make a pose declaring what you are, then someone joins adding to it and one more person add.  We started with, a tree, an apple and a worm.  The first person then choses an object to stay and the game continues.  Very funny.  So many games it is impossible to get them all down in this blog but really useful and inspired me to possibly take some of the drama classes just to try them out with students.

Really need to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the following people who affected my development.  the sessions were great in everyday but definitely enhanced due to the people I was with (though I’m sure I could have been with anyone)

@gavinsmart @linakerict @snarfjle @tessenglish1 @jespersh @mrjonesict @headdowneyesup @wsoeldner @ictevangelist @syded06 @rebeccastockley

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Thank you all.