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One thing that was central to this week with Apple was that storytelling is a powerful tool. Many amazing blog posts have come out over the last couple of days reviewing people’s experiences of their week. Each one talks of the authors personal journey.

So for my posts is this last reflection the end? Or just a set up to a series of sequels?

One of the main things I learnt personally this week is that I can make a difference, that the work I do does matter and it is worth keeping on trying to develop others in its use.
There are many times it feels as though I am pushing against brick walls or that people think its just a fad, however, this week I have regrouped my passion and realised it is what effects the students that is important.

So long as students are at the heart if everything I do (and they are) then it is more than worth trying to change hearts and minds. In speaking to a lot of people that have the set up in their schools that I would love to have in mine, the main feedback I got was that I was doing great things and to carry on.

This sort of support and encouragement is so powerful and has totally recharged me for “the sequel” to me journey. In the words of Duarte founder, Nancy Duarte, in my story the students are the hero of the piece, I am just the old sage that offered support.

Thank you Apple, all of the ADEs I met and especially my PLN for making me see my worth, it will make a difference when I feel I am getting nowhere.


So after years of always being asked “what are we doing next sir?” and “what is that?”  I thought it would be a good idea to create some promo videos that I can share with students to introduce what they will be doing next and develop a sense of excitement about what is coming up.

To do this i chose iMovie on my iPad as it is really simple to create professional looking trailers.

First load up the app and click the + icon and select New Trailer

You then have a choice of pre made trailers to choose from with a range of themes.  You can preview the film at this point to see what the sound and text look like.  They have video installed as a demo but this is removed when you select it.  the text does stay however but this can easily be edited to meet your needs.

Once selected you have a storyboard to complete, this is as simple as selecting clips or pictures from your camera roll and they are trimmed automatically to fit.

The following screen shots go through the process and show how easy it is to achieve.

IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010

So I have now created some sport promo videos to launch the upcoming sport and also BTEC videos to introduce new modules of study.

I am now hoping to use these to make a digital prospectus for the department to use at parents evenings and open days.

Check out Gavin Smarts’ blog post for further information.  A great example of how to use iMovie in lessons.

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